Administrative Team

Principal - Jeanette Gerault, Ed. D.

Assistant Principal - Amy Archer

Assistant Principal - Wendy Suddendorf

Counselor - Kori Gravatt

Counselor -  Beth Frnka

Media Specialist - Katie Abbott

NurseMelinda Hutchins

Instructional Specialist - Maria Ferrera

Instructional Specialist - Kendall McKinney

Behavior Interventionist - Laurie Russell

Diagnostician - Joni McCants

Registrar - Danielle McCraw

Administration 2018-19

Top (left to right): Kendall McKinney-Instructional Specialist, Laurie Russell-Behavior Interventionist, Joni McCants-Diagnostician, Mindy Hutchins-Nurse, Danielle McCraw-Registrar, Kori Gravatt-Counselor, Beth Frnka-Counselor

Bottom (left to right): Maria Ferrera-Instructional Specialist, Wendy Suddendorf-Assistant Principal, Jeanette Gerault-Principal, Amy Archer-Assistant Principal, and Katie Abbott-Media Specialist

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